BookKeeper - Book Keeping Application

Basic Functionality
  • Double Entry Transaction Syste
  • Multi Company
  • Vat Reporting
  • Instant Profit & Loss/Balance Sheet Reports
  • Easy Data Extraction

Double Entry Transaction System

The system uses a double entry transaction system, making it virtually impossible for the accounts not to balance, both the debit and credit entry are stored on the same transaction - so if a transaction is deleted then both entries are automatically deleted.
New accounts and transactions are created from the main screen above.

Multi Company
Multiple independent companies and multiple years can be setup enabling completely independant accounts to be maintained for each company, under the maintenance screen tools are available to create, copy and delete companies. In addition there is also a function to copy transactions between companies, this is particularly useful at your company year end, allowing you to take a copy of your company before your accountant compiles your year end accounts - you can then carry on entering transactions into the copy of the company as normal, then when your accountant has finished you can perform your year end on the original - then transfer all the transactions from the copy back into the original - so bringing your accounts uptodate.

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