Broadband Installation

A broadband connection either (ADSL) over a standard phone line or via a cable modem through cable providers such as Virgin Media provides high-speed Internet access

The advantage of a broadband connection over a standard dialup service is that broadband is considerably faster and is always-on meaning that once youre logged on, your PC is online until the PC is turned off again.

ADSL Broadband offers high-speed Internet access and allows telephone calls and a permanent Internet connection to share a single phone line simultaneously.

We offer broadband setup / installation at home or in the office, on a single computer or on a network, cable or wireless.

If it is business security that you are after or parental control to protect your family on the Internet we can offer a full package.

Home wired and wireless broadband installation service either using your existing equipment or we can supply ADSL or cable routers and network adapters - local installation service from £30 +vat